Daisy Delights: Welcome to the World Baby McClure

One week ago I had the honor of hosting one of my very best friend’s, Alissa McClure’s, baby shower. I used my cooking skills to prepare a proper feast celebrating baby Nathan Christopher, and my other dear friend Meagan Wilson provided fabulous decorations, games, and general organization. The theme was “Welcome to the World Baby McClure.” The food I chose represented different countries (to which Nathan might Adventure!) so it had an international flavor. Since I have recently been attempting a healthy diet, it was great fun cooking all these delicious recipes without worrying about carbs. Below I will post my menu, a photo gallery from the party, and links to all of the recipes.

Welcome to the World Baby McClure Menu:


Crab Wontons with Sweet Chili Pepper Dipping Sauce


White Queso and Corn & Black Bean Quesadillas


Cream Scones with Lemon Curd, Devonshire Cream, and Apricot Jam


Meatballs (Cooked by Jessica Van Hooser)


Antipasto Skewers


Bird’s Milk Chocolate Cake


West African Fruit Salad


Crawfish Beignets


Petit Fours (Cooked by Carolyn Lyon)

CHINA – Crab Wontons with Sweet Chili Pepper Dipping Sauce

This recipe is by Robert St. John. I ALWAYS get this appetizer when I go to his restaurant in Hattiesburg, Crescent City Grill.  It’s delicious. I got the recipe from his cookbook, A Southern Palette.  I took a picture of recipe from the cookbook below, but I would recommend buying the book because it has absolutely delicious Cajun and southern recipes.

01cc3817e5d0ca9da8317a98734c71fe2b06f4a6bc 01939bd330f0b42785fb87a032f2360d6ec36d153e

MEXICO – White Queso and Corn & Black Bean Quesadillas

These two recipes came straight from pinterest. The links are below. The queso is exactly like the queso in Mexican restaurants throughout the south; so it is a fan favorite. I jumped at this quesadilla recipe because it is rare to find a veggie recipe this delicious.


Cheesy Corn & Black Bean Quesadillas

ENGLAND – Cream Scones with Lemon Curd, Devonshire Cream, and Apricot Jam

The Apricot Jam was store-bought but the Cream Scones, lemon curd, and Devonshire cream was strictly homemade. When I was in law school I went to a tea party hosted by the Mississippi Chief Justice of the Supreme Court’s wife. It was perfect in every way. Mrs. Waller wrote a lovely book called A Heavenly Tea. It has scriptures and advice for how to host the perfect tea. It also includes several recipes. Her scones, lemon curd, and Devonshire cream were my first attempts. Everyone loved them. The scones were not too hard or too fluffy. Plus the recipe is super simple. The trick is to follow the recipe exactly and not over work the dough. I didn’t even use a cookie cutter; I just cut them into triangles. I will definitely be making this recipe in the future and add different flavors to change it up. Below are photos from the delightful book .

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

GREECE – Antipasto Skewers

This recipe actually made me like kalmata olives!

Antipasto Skewers

RUSSIA – Bird’s Milk Chocolate Cake

I’m not going to lie… this was a very complicated recipe. That being said, it was the most delicious cake I’ve ever made. It was a super moist  chocolate cake with a custard filling. The frosting was part custard with whipping cream and then topped with chocolate ganache. It was complicated to make, but so so so worth it!

Bird’s Milk Cake

AFRICA – West African Fruit Salad

This is a great fruit salad, simple and fresh. The flavors are specifically from Africa with a little brown sugar and coconut. Delish.

West African Fruit Salad

AMERICA – Crawfish Beignets

I had to represent my Cajun heritage, but my favorite recipes were not party appetizer friendly. SO I found this recipe on pinterest with Taste of Home. It was fairly scrumptious, but I would recommend finely chopping the crawfish or shrimp.

Crawfish Beignets


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